Gandhi Institute of Professional & Technical Studies

Approved by NCTE & Affiliated to Ch.Charan Singh University, Meerut

[ Accredited NAAC "B" Grade ]


GIPTS provides to its students the entire infrastructure necessary to make student life an epoch to remember. That offers the students a feel of the Educational atmosphere they will later venture into.


The library in any educational Institution is considered as its heart and spirit. It also reflects the ethos and the culture of that Institution.

The Institution has a very big library having about 14550 (Forteen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty) books, 93 Journals, 2571 Titles and 1675 Authors pertaining to the pedagogical and methodological areas of Teacher Education fulfilling the requirements of B.Ed.(Education) students. The library is an amalgamation of the old as well as the recent books and journals.

It also has all prominent encyclopedias. The library provides two and three books on loan to B.Ed. and students respectively on the library tokens.

The Institution library remains open on all the working days from 10 AM to 3 PM. Every student or visitor to the library makes an entry of his/her name before entering it. This gives an idea about the number of the people making use of the library daily.

The library also subscribes to a number of Newspapers and Magazines which are listed below :-

Newspapers : Hindustan Times (Hindi & English) and Dainik Jagran
Magazines   : INDIA Today, Pratiyogita Darpan, Sarita, Competetion Success & Business Today

The library subscribes to a number of Indian and Foreign Journals which are listed below :-
Indian & Foreign Journals :

S.No Particulars
1. Bhartya Adhunik Siksha
2. Value of Education
3. School Science
4. Teacher Education
5. NCTE News
6. Indian Education Review
7. Indian Education
8. Indian Education abstract
9. Discrimination based on sex, caste, religion and disability


The favorite haunt of students during recess breaks, the canteen is spacious with facility to accommodate 120 students. The canteen provides fresh and hygienic snack items, Vegetarian meals, Soft-Drinks, biscuits and chips etc.

Faculty Rooms

Designed in work-station form, the faculty rooms give the much needed scope for intellectually stimulating discussions and structuring lectures.

Conference Hall

Located in the Administrative section, the 100 setter Conference Room is utilized as a venue for formal meetings, discussions and brain storming sessions. The Conference Room is also a preferred venue for chalking out the activities of various students forums such as sports and cultural programmes and various other in-house official meetings.

Lecture Halls

Advanced and ergonomically designed 50 setter Lecture Halls are spacious and adequately equipped with Podiums, White board and O.H.P. facility.


Transportation for daily students on fixed routes will be provided.

Sports and Play ground

Students are provided with sports facilities for Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Gymnasium and . other indoor games

Seminar hall

The Institution has a well equipped Seminar Room with a provision to accommodate about 100 people. This room can be provided with over head or slide Projector, along with a Computer attached to it(if required) , an Over Head Projector, a Screen and ordinary black board. A near by toilet facility is also provided. This room is extensively used for holding a variety of activities like B.Ed. Level Seminars and Workshop/ Conferences.

Audio visual lab or tech lab

The students who wish to make use of the Over-Head Projector, Slide Projector, Computer and the equipments from the Science Laboratory are also issued the same when ever they need these. The students can also get the charts, modals, posters, etc. issued from the Audio-Visual Section of the College.

In order to provide Audio, Visual and Audio-Visual Aids to the students as well as to demonstrate to them their different uses, a separate technology lab including art and craft facilities is there in the Institution. This Audio-Visual room is equipped with a 21" Television Set with a D.V.D. Player connected to it,three computers and many other technical gadgets like 16mm Film Projector, Automatic & Manual Slide Projector, and Over Head Projector, etc.

Technology lab consists of the charts and other teaching aids and materials made by the people teachers of the Institution which is used by them during their lessons. The maps, globes, roller-up boards, are also available for the use by the pupil teachers.

Science lab

The Institution has adequately equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories where the science students not only go for practical works but also get the material issued for demonstration for practical work in classrooms during Practice Teaching of the lessons.

Psychology lab

A Psychology Laboratory is an integral part of a teacher education Institution. This Institution has this lab since its establishment.

Psychology Laboratory is used for issue of Psychological Tests to the B.Ed. Students for their sessional work in the paper of Educational Psychology.
The details of tests are appended below :-
List of Psychological Tests available in the Laboratory :

S.No. Name of the Test
1. Sodhi's attitude scales - Dr. T.S. Sodhi
2. Verbal intelligence scale - R.K.Ojha & Dr. K.R. Chaudhry
3. Educational Interest Record - S.P. Kulshrestha
4. Vocational Interest Record - S.P. Kulshrestha
5. Teacher Attitude Inventory - S.P. Ahluwalia
6. Scientific Aptitude Test for College Student - Sinha & Sinha
7. Teaching Aptitude Test Battery - Singh & Sharma
8. Indian modification of thematic apperception test ( TAT ) - UMA Chaudhry
9. Case Study Form

Apart from the above Psychological Tests the following apparatus and non-verbal tests are also available in the Psychology Lab. The details of these are appended below :-
List of Apparatuses available in the Laboratory

S.No. Name of Apparatus
1. Stand ford Bivet Intelligence Scale

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